A new way of looking after the people you care for.

Ever wanted to keep an eye on anyone or anything without having to "keep an actual eye" on him / her / it?
With iVigilate you can be notified when they leave the building, know where they were last seen and much more!

How does it work?

Learn about the technology used.

BLE beacons

Leverage the power of Bluetooth® Low Energy and never worry about loosing anyone or anything ever again. The small affordable beacons have an average battery life of 1 year and can be worn on a wristband, necklace or dissimulated on the clothes.

And they are water resistant! So in the case of wanting to keep track of an elderly, he / she can wear it and forget it for 1 year and still feel protected by the care givers!

BLE receiver

To track the beacons you will need a special detector installed on the buildings entrance and / or on each room (depending on the use case you are looking to achieve). Each detector have a line-of-sight range of approximately 20 meters.

Smartphones with Bluetooth® 4.0 can also be used as detectors to help expand the iVigilate community and the use cases where the technology can be applied!


An easy to use cloud solution is the glue to everything. Manage users, beacons, detectors, schedules and events. Know in real time when and where the person / object you are tracking was last seen. Get an email message or SMS every time they get out of the detectors' range.

Easily integrate with third party systems!

Together we can keep watch over the ones you care for.

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